“When I was an understudy to my mentor the late Bob Zenner (Sportscaster of the Year several times in Nebraska) I would envy his trips to North Carolina for the awards ceremony.  I always looked up to the award.  Unfortunately Bob died at age 33 of leukiemia and was long gone when I got the Nebraska award in 1985 and 10 years later got it again in 95 and 97.  1985 was also the first year Bob Costas got the national award and I was awe struck to meet him.  He also won again in 95 and we met again.  Those were treasured moments in my life that I’ll never forget.  NSSA does a marvelous job with the awards weekend and program.  It’s first class all the way and makes for memories of a lifetime.”

—  Chuck Stevens, KFOR Radio, Lincoln, NE


“NSSA is the one unifying national body that keeps those in the business of reporting on sports connected, talking, comparing, challenging each other. It’s a fraternity/sorority of story-tellers and reporters who benefit by the experience, criticism and advice of each other.”

—  Bill Dwyre, Los Angeles Times


“Winning these awards is a wonderful experience for writers and broadcasters, and for their families…I have been fortunate enough to win several times as my state’s Sportscaster of the Year, and the feeling never gets old…to be able to call up my 85 year old mother to tell her the news is always about the best moment of my year…thank you, NSSA!”
— Pat Hughes, Chicago Cubs Radio Announcer


“NSSA is a secret that should get out. Salisbury, N.C. loves sportscasters and sportswriters and treats them like kings during their annual awards ceremony, a ceremony that the nation should be able to witness.”
—  Hal McCoy, Dayton, OH


“I truly value my membership in the NSSA, I have been fortunate to be South Dakota’s Sportscaster of the Year twice. It’s an honor to be recognized by your colleagues. I was lucky enough to meet Joe Garagiola and his wife, along with Rick Reilly, and Joe Buck on my last trip to the Hall of Fame. We are looking forward to our visit in May.”

— Al Decker, KDSJ Radio, Deadwood, SD


“The thing I enjoy most about the NSSA is that is provides a network that brings peers together in a very non-competitive environment where we can exchange thoughts and ideas and feel part of the bigger picture. From the highest profile sportscaster down to the least recognizable sportswriter, the NSSA offers a platform where each journalist feels respected, appreciated and a valuable member of the media family.”
— Dave Vilhauer, Aberdeen, SD


“I think NSSA is phenomenal and essential for those of us working in the broadcasting and print fields.  It gives us a great way to stay in touch with members of our industry and provides a great resource for meeting and staying in contact with many different people.  The organization puts on an amazing weekend and banquet every year that I look forward to attending.  I am excited about what NSSA is doing and I believe it is the premier organization to be involved in for any sportscaster or sportswriter.”

—  Mike Corey, Voice of the U. of Delaware Blue Hens


“The NSSA is a vital link between local, regional, and national sportswriters and sportscasters that keeps the media fraternity together and striviing towards our common goal of recognizing excellence in our respective crafts. The relationships that we at Regional Radio Sports Network have been able to develop over the years with the NSSA have been invaluable to our organization as we continue to grow and expand our coverage.”

—  Michael Knezevich, Regional Radio Sports Network, South Bend, IN


“The NSSA is the most important organization in continuing to promote our craft and yearly brings together the finest collection of writers and broadcasters not just to honor their accomplishments but also to provide an opportunity for growth through interaction with sport’s finest.”

—  Mick Holien, Montana Grizzly Sports Network


“The NSSA is not only the one professional association open to all sportswriters and sportscasters, regardless of what they cover, it also recognizes the best in those fields at all levels, from small hometown newspapers and broadcast stations, to the media giants. On top of all that, the people of Salisbury couldn’t be more gracious hosts during the NSSA’s awards weekend.”< /span>

—  Cliff Christl, Milwaukee, WI


“There’s nothing quite like NSSA, especially during these trying times for our industry. NSSA provides needed support as well as helping to rejuvenate those of us who sometimes need a lift right now. NSSA understands the national scope, but never loses track of the local perspective in our business and to a long-time, small town sports editor, that has been uplifting.”
— Larry Vaught, Sports Editor, The Advocate-Messenger, Danville, KY


“That night in the sweet hamlet of Salisbury, NC, is the Academy Awards of sportswriting. Except instead of Oscars we have Oscar Madisons.”

—  Rick Reilly, espn.com


“NSSA provides a great way to honor the best in our business of Sports Media. With top National and State awards, it gives the kind of recognition that the tops in our industry deserves and with the Hall of Fame, it recognizes long team commitment from our top participants..Also, it is a great way to get many of the top people together to exchange ideas and how to improve our product by communication. For the city of Salisbury, it is an added bonus to be able to know on a personal basis, the top Sportscasters and Sportswriters in a festive atmosphere. Hopefully it can remain a viable part of this community for the foreseeable future.”

— Howard Platt, WSTP Radio, Salisbury, NC


“Rewarding the best and brightest journalists in sports is a great idea, and the NSSA awards weekend is terrific theater. One-liners from well-known personalities, insight from the top talent in the business – what a show!”
—  Gene Sapakoff, Charleston (S.C.) Post and Courier


“The National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association of America gathers together some of the best minds reporting sports in this country. It is the single most prestigious group covering professional and amateur sports across all platforms.”

—  Laura Walden, Director, SportsFeatures.com


“It’s rare Sportscasters & Sportswriters can have something in common with a group that large. It’s an excellent chance to network and meet professionals from across the nation and learn a thing or two while you’re at it. I feel the NSSA has played a huge role in my career by recognizing my work worthy of the National Broadcast Story of the Year and State Sportscaster of the Year several times.”
— Lee Timmerman, KFYR-TV, Bismarck, ND


“Salisbury is our Cooperstown!”

— Dave Kindred, NSSA Hall of Famer

“NSSA is a tremendous organization. Everyone, no matter which outlet he or she represents, is treated as an equal. The organization is a great place to exchange ideas with fellow sports journalists from around the nation and is there to lend a hand when our first amendment rights are endangered.”
—  Bill Battle, Sports Editor, Washington Missourian

“Through the years as a member of the NSSA, I have enjoyed so much the many relationships and contacts that have come about through this organization. It’s always been operated in a first class manner and is a great way of maintaining friendships through the years. Salisbury is the perfect place for its headquarters, too, because the beautiful city exudes the friendly and class manner that has always exemplified the NSSA.”
—  O.K. “Buddy” Davis, Sports Editor, The Ruston Daily Leader, Ruston, Louisiana


“NSSA has given the print media a voice and it’s a voice that’s trusted and can be heard. It’s a valuable tool to have these days among the clutter of the internet age.”

—  John Dell, Sportswriter for 22 years, the last 16 at the Winston-Salem Journal